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Interface: DeviceFilter



Optional physicalDevices: PhysicalCameraDeviceType[]

The desired physical devices your camera device should have.

Many modern phones have multiple Camera devices on one side and can combine those physical camera devices to one logical camera device. For example, the iPhone 11 has two physical camera devices, the ultra-wide-angle-camera ("fish-eye") and the normal wide-angle-camera. You can either use one of those devices individually, or use a combined logical camera device which can smoothly switch over between the two physical cameras depending on the current zoom level. When the user is at 0.5x-1x zoom, the ultra-wide-angle-camera can be used to offer a fish-eye zoom-out effect, and anything above 1x will smoothly switch over to the wide-angle-camera.

Note: Devices with less phyiscal devices (['wide-angle-camera']) are usually faster to start-up than more complex devices (['ultra-wide-angle-camera', 'wide-angle-camera', 'telephoto-camera']), but don't offer zoom switch-over capabilities.


// This device is simpler, so it starts up faster.
getCameraDevice({ physicalDevices: ['wide-angle-camera'] })
// This device is more complex, so it starts up slower, but you can switch between devices on 0.5x, 1x and 2x zoom.
getCameraDevice({ physicalDevices: ['ultra-wide-angle-camera', 'wide-angle-camera', 'telephoto-camera'] })

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